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Argos tag on hawksbill turtle

07.08.2017 Animal tracking applications Argos, al servicio de las áreas marinas protegidas

¿Sabía usted que el 71% de la superficie de la Tierra son océanos, pero sólo el 3% de los océanos del mundo están protegidos en Áreas Marinas Protegidas (AMP) activamente gestionadas? ¿Sabía usted que 625 + animales son rastreados por Argos en AMP en todo el mundo incluyendo tortugas, tiburones,…
Argos nanosat prototype

03.08.2017 Flash news ARGOS ANGELS & NEO: CNES invests in a new nanosat Argos constellation

Argos is the only global satellite-based system for location and data collection designed specifically to study and protect our planet’s environment. Governed via an international collaboration between the major international space agencies, including NASA, NOAA, CNES, EUMETSAT and ISRO, the Argos constellation includes  6 operational satellites that cover the globe…

01.08.2017 Animal tracking applications Argos tracking projects to be part of the “Monaco Explorations”

The Oceanographic Institute of Monaco, along with its partners the Princely government, the Scientific center of Monaco, the Yacht Club of Monaco, and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, have launched a new scientific and outreach campaign, called “Monaco Explorations.” This 3-year program will take place aboard the…
2nd Argos Asian Wildlife Tracking Workshop

25.07.2017 2nd Argos Asian Workshop A successful meeting for the Argos Asian Wildlife Tracking Community

On July 4th-5th, the Argos Asian Wildlife Tracking Community gathered at the National Institute of Biological Resources in Incheon, Korea. More than 80 people were present over two days of scientific presentations on research using the Argos satellite system. The first day of the workshop, “Revealing the extraordinary migratory journeys…
Argos tag on hawksbill turtle

24.07.2017 Animal tracking applications Argos, Serving Marine Protected Areas

Did you know that 71% of  Earth’s surface are oceans, but only 3% of the world’s oceans are protected in actively managed Marine Protected Areas (MPA)? And yet… did you know that 625+ animals are tracked by Argos in MPA worldwide? Including turtles, sharks, penguins and rays … to name…
Argos future gnerations

18.07.2017 Flash news Launch of ARGOS 4 Next generations

ARGOS has always connected mobiles everywhere on the planet. CLS, which has operated the ARGOS satellite system since its creation, thus has all the ARGOS For NEXT GENERATIONS knowledge, professional skills, infrastructures and networks needed to work on ARGOS for Next Generations. CLS’s mission will be to…
Le thon rouge suivi par les scientifiques d'Ifremer

03.07.2017 JTA Events Fifteenth Session of Argos Joint Tariff Agreement Executive Committee

18 – 19 July 2017, Toulouse, France Participant Documents Place Name Country   Executive Committee   Eric LOCKLEAR (Executive Committee Chair) United States     Kim HOLLAND United States     Salim JAVED United Arab Emirates     Clive Mc Mahon Australia  …
Pacific cod

19.06.2017 2nd Argos Asian Workshop Movement of Pacific cod in Korean waters

At the 2nd Argos Asian Wildlife Tracking Workshop in Incheon, Korea, Dr. Sukyung Kang of Korea’s National Institute of Fisheries will present the results of her study: “Movement of Pacific cod (Gadus macrocephalus) in Korean waters, ascertained through pop-up archival tags”. Pacific Cod movements in Korean waters as revealed by Argos…
2nd Argos Asian Wildlife Tracking Workshop

13.06.2017 Animal tracking applications 2nd Argos Asian Wildlife Tracking Workshop

The 2nd Argos Asian Wildlife Tracking Workshop will be held in Incheon, Korea, on July 4th & 5th, 2017. It is hosted by Dr. Jin-Han Kim, Director of  the Animal Resources Division, National Institute of Biological Resources, Korea and supported by Dr. Su-Kyung Kang, NIFS (National Institute of Fisheries Science).  All Argos users,…
Billfish with Argos tag

30.05.2017 2nd Argos Asian Workshop Billfish movement patterns revealed with Argos pop-up satellite tags

Dr. Wei-Chuan (Riyar) Chiang of Fisheries Research Institute, Taiwan, will share the results of his studies on “Vertical and horizontal movements of billfish in the northwestern Pacific Ocean determined using pop-up satellite tags” at the 2nd Argos Asian Wildlife Tracking Workshop in Incheon, Korea. To investigate…