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How can Argos help me?

Through the use of satellite technologies, Argos provides a wide variety of products and services.


45 Years of Experience

Originally the product of an international cooperation spanning 45 years, Argos services will soon be supplemented by an additional 25 nanosatellites in 2024 that will offer unprecedented capabilities.

Capabilities to connect millions of objects

Global coverage

Near real-time connectivity


Low-power consumption

two way communication

Two-way communication



Jump into reality

CLS teams experts in environmental monitoring from space are at your disposal to connect any of your projects.


Whether its collecting data, locating instruments at sea or mapping surface currents. Argos has the solution.

A wide range of transmitters

Numerous applications can be connected thanks to Argos.

Historical and internationally known, the Argos community is diverse and whatever environmental program you would like to connect you can find a manufacturer to provide you with suitable transmitter.


The universal Argos connectivity, as a space IoT system,  has been developped to be affordable, easy to use, accessible anywhere on the planet.

A ready to use range of hardware

Low power modules enabling communication with all Argos satellites and adaptable to your needs are available and ready to be integrated.

A Platform Finder

Specifically designed by CLS, it allows you to find your active Argos ptts in the field up to 100km away.

Special Data Processing

CLS provides state-of-the-art data sets and proposes a range of processed data based on your needs.


Thanks to over 30 years of data processing  a variety of numerical models such as drift and population models are available.

Artificial Intelligence

Boost your Argos data with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. Our Argos experts are capable of providing solutions and have already developed intelligent collars capable of detecting animal behavior.


A wide range of visualization tools are availbale based on your needs allowing you to manage your entire network of platforms.

Argos IoT Smart Environment Solutions


Smart Agriculture

Herd Management



Begin with Argos

CLS teams experts in environmental monitoring from space are at your disposal to connect any of your projects.