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Herd Management

This dedicated Argos solution combines satellite tracking, Earth observation and other space systems to support herding, species re-introduction and species protection in remote areas.


Reliable and Cost-Effective

It provides animal observations, including habitat and conditions.

When injected in our herding database, the data is transformed into actionable intelligence to support sustainable management tailored to the needs of each type of user.


satellites mobilized


years of expertise


Follow re-introduced animals in real-time, measure their interactions with other herds, and evaluate and compare the effects of your rewilding project.


Locate your herds in near real-time, maintain herding as a cultural heritage, identify and preserve crucial herd habitats.

Human – Wildlife Conflict

Measure and mitigate impacts of wild herds in specific territories by limiting & minimizing interactions between human populations and wild herds.

The Complete Species Protection & Re-Introduction Solution


Intelligent collars able to identify the animal’s behavior as well as small ear tags enable you to monitor herds in remote areas.

Dedicated Portal

Evaluate geographical situation of your animals, potential problems & performance. Guardian of your herds, it manages and stores the data for you.

Data Center

All the information you need in one place. Access Earth observation data and share data analysis & anticipate the future.



Contribution of space technologies for livestock and food security

As part of ESA program and with the support of CNES, CLS is working on a new space application for animal tracking in the field of livestock management, disease reduction and sustainability of ecosystem services…

Human - Wildlife Initiative Brochure

Human / Wildlife Initiative

CLS and Nix Air Solutions propose to design and develop a solution to help local authorities to resolve Human-Wildlife conflict…


SISMA Project

In 2016, the European Space Agency (ESA) and the French Space Agency (CNES) launched a challenge to qualify the potential for new markets in the field of livestock management, disease reduction, and sustainability of ecosystem services…

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