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Understand processes and make predictions with various available models

marine ecosystem modeling

Marine Ecosystem Modeling

Combine your argos data with ocean data and other outputs to better understand marine animal behavior.

Simulate habitats and ecology of marine predators with models dedicated to micronekton movements based on data such as ocean temperature and ocean currents.

Use Cases


Turtles monitored thanks to what they eat

CLS and CNR have developed a model to predict oceanic biomass of 6 micronekton groups as part of the OSMOSIS project..

tracking whales in the North Atlantic

Tracking whales in the North-Atlantic

Highly migratory species such as whales are often exposed to anthropogenic threats...

turtle with a satellite tag

A model to support sea turtle protection at sea

Sea turtles are threatened by human impacts wherever they occur...

drift model

Drift Model

Mobidrift is a drift model with real-time, archive or forecasting capabilities. It is able to predict the drift of an object at the surface of the ocean.

With Mobidrift, you can estimate the drift of specific objects such as icebergs, containers, search & as well as simulate the drift of oil spills, marine litter or algae patches at the surface.

Apply this model with your Argos tracks to help recover lost equipment at sea, identify the source and track pollution and more.

Use Cases

2020 Mauritius ocean pollution

Hydrocarbon Pollution Alert in Mauritius

The MV Wakashio, stranded on the reefs at Pointe-d’Esny, Mauritius, since 2020, 25th July, was carrying on board 200 tonnes of diesel and 3,800 tonnes of heavy oil. The pollution was monitored from space using the civil station VIGISAT...

plastic pollution

Plastic Pollution – Science to the Rescue

70% of the plastic we use is not recycled. CLS has looked at how to optimize the collection of these polluting plastics on our coasts. How can we deploy coastal waste management teams to the right place at the right time?...

ocean and plastic pollution

ESA & CLS: Using Space to Address Ocean Marine Litter

MARLISAT, an innovative project to tackle marine litter funded by ESA & led by CLS, enters phase 2 and deploys wooden buoys in Indonesia...

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