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Available Argos Options

Discover the range of Argos services which will enable you to get the most out of your data.

argos service

Argos Standard Service

argos direct

Argos Direct

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Argos Share

argos archive

Argos Archive

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Argos Monitor

argos post processing services

Argos Post-Processing Services

user support

User Assistance & FAQ’s

earth observation


Argos Standard Service

This service is provided by CLS. It’s included in the Airtime offer.

It includes platforms location calculation, sensor data processing and access to data collected by all the operational satellites.

  • ArgosWeb Website (last 365 days)

ArgosWeb portal will allow you to:

    • Access/export the transmitted data and visualize locations on an advanced mapping interface (marine map, meteo and oceanographic data…)
    • Send message to your terminals (downlink)
    • View the satellite pass prediction for any location and date
    • Manage your account and guest accounts
  • ArgosWeb Service API Access (last 20 days)

Argos CLS API will allow you to implement a M2M interface with your own server using a secured HTTPS SOAP protocol.

ArgosWebServices site will allow you to:

    • Retrieve your list of platforms/programs
    • Retrieve transmitted data
    • Send Command to your terminals
    • Retrieve Orbital Parameters of Satellites
  • Message Decoding

CLS can apply an automatic decoding of your transmitted payloads so you directly access the decoding value of each sensor and they are instantaneously accessible as readable column on ArgosWeb.

  • Doppler or GPS Locations

Argos Doppler positioning is based on the Doppler Shift of the carrier frequency of the messages collected during a satellite pass (more info here).
GPS positions if transmitted in the Argos messages could be processed by CLS and distributed with the same format as Argos locations.

  • 365 Days Data Storage

The data collected by Argos from the last 365 days are directly available online.

Argos Direct

Argos Direct automatically delivers your processed data.

Many options are available:

  • By internet* via email
  • Files stored in a secured CLS’s server accessible via SFTP
  • SMS delivery (for alerting)
  • Several formats available: CSV, XLS, XML …
  • Choose the delivery frequency: every hour, once a day etc.

*CLS shall not be held responsible for internet throughput time nor for any incorrect data reception.

deliver data


share argos data


Argos Share

Automatically share your data with colleagues by program, platform, time interval or geographic areas. With Argos Share, you can easily make data available to your colleagues.

  • Choose colleagues with whom you want to share data
  • Select the data set you want to share
  • Tie data sharing to a specific geographic area
  • Use Argos Share for Operational Programs

Argos Archive

All location and collected data are stored at the Argos Centers.

Upon request, archived data can be sent on a USB stick or via e-mail. The price depends on the data volume to be dearchived.

Data are available online free of charge for a period of 12 months.

argos data storage


argos monitoring


Argos Monitor

Argos Monitor is a range of services developed to address monitoring needs related to platform performance, position and/or sensor monitoring.

Most parameters of interest can be monitored and you receive automatic alert notice, by email or SMS, as soon as the change you are looking for is detected.

  • Transmission Argos Monitor

Transmission Argos Monitor sends you an alert when no message has been received from your platform for a pre-defined time period.

An alert message will also be sent if no location has been calculated.

  • Geo Argos Monitor

Has the animal I’m tracking entered a wintering zone? Returned to its nest? Crossed a border? Has my platform entered/left a place of interest?

Geo Argos Monitor sends you an alarm message when a platform enters or leaves a customized zone.

  • Sensor Argos Monitor

Is the animal still alive (are heart rate, temperature measurements normal)? How is my platform performing (batterylevel, light sensors etc.)?

Has something unusual occurred: sudden atmospheric pressure drop? Has the temperature risen unexpectedly? Has the water level risen or dropped?

Sensor Argos Monitoring can alert users when an unusual value for a particular sensor is reported.

  • MBM Argos Monitor

Has my moored buoy’s anchor broken?

Designed for moored buoys, this service will alert you if a moored buoy leaves its mooring zone. It also provides you with locations so you can quickly recover your moored buoy.

  • Silent Argos Monitor

Has my equipment surfaced inadvertently?

This service is designed for underwater moorings, (i.e. platforms that only use Argos in case od an emergency). It sends an alert (and if possible, a location) if at least 2 messages have been received via the Argos system.

Argos Post-Processing Services

  • Track & Loc

This service applies to pop up satellite archival platforms (PSATs).

Its main purpose is to offer an alternative to the standard light-level-based Geo location usually provided by PSATs. This is achieved by estimating the positions using not only light level measurements but also satellite derived sea surface temperatures and bottom topography.

As an output of this service the user receives:

  • improved positions with estimated errors,
  • detailed quality checks of the results, helping identify potential problems of the acquired data,
  • all additional data (temperature depth profiles etc.) acquired by the platform in an easily readable format.

Oceanographic data along the estimated track (satellite derived surface temperature and color, surface currents) can also be provided, contact us for a quote.

  • On-demand Multipass Location

Multi-pass location can be calculated when very few messages are received from the platform (e.g. maximum one message per satellite pass).

Such a location is manually calculated by a CLS expert using all the messages received during several satellite passes and considering the platform is almost not moving improved positions with estimated errors.

  • Argos Doppler Location Reprocessing

CLS has developed a new post processing service based on Kalman filtering.

This method, compared to the least square method, is still based on the shift in Doppler frequency but introduces 2 additional algorithms: a mobile’s dynamic model and a Kalman filter approach for the calculation of the positions.

The benefits are: more positions are available, with an improved precision, associated to error ellipses, and the exclusion of unrealistic positions.

The re-processing benefits also from an additional enhancement with the post filtering of trajectories, using a second Kalman filtering.

argos post processing service


user assistance


User Assistance & FAQ’s

  • Password

To keep your data confidential, access to the online consultation system is protected by a “username” and “user password”.

To change either of these, please submit your request in writing to your local customer service. Changes are implemented within three working days from reception of your request.

  • Modifying Platform Declaration

Modifying the platform declaration, or moving a platform from one program to another, is implemented within three working days from reception of your request.

Some modifications can be done online through our website.

  • Adding or Deleting a Platform

Adding or deleting a platform from a program is implemented within three working days from reception of your request

Unless you specify otherwise, the service and processing for extra platforms will be as stated in your original purchase order for the program.

  • Global Telecommunication System (GTS)

GTS is a public network run by the World Meteorological Organization for worldwide weather centers to exchange data. Data from a number of Argos programs are important for the GTS, namely because they can be fed into national  weather centers’ real-time weather forecasting models.

Argos users can contribute by authorizing the distribution of their meteorological and oceanographic data to the GTS processing system, free of charge. Data are automatically quality-controlled and put into WMO formats in order to be posted on GTS.

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