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About CLS Group

Committed to a sustainable planet, the company is working every day for Earth, from Space.

CLS, for Earth from Space

CLS, a subsidiary of the French space agency CNES (34%) and CNP (66%), is a global company and pioneering provider of Earth monitoring and surveillance solutions since 1986.

Its vision is to create innovative space-based solutions to understand and protect our planet and to manage its resources sustainably.




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CLS with you worlwide

CLS employs 900 people at our headquarters in Toulouse, France, and in 30 other locations around the world.

CLS, a Commited Company

  • The UN has set 17 goals to save our planet.
  • CLS contributes to 13 of them.
  • We are proud that 90% of our activities are directly linked to achieving these sustainable development goals.
UN Sustainable Development Goals