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Artificial Intelligence

Improve research and data analysis with AI.

Reindeer location with SISMA

Argos, more than a Location & Data Collection System

Since its creation Argos has incorporated the latest innovations in space technology and has already begun incorporating one of the world’s emerging technologies: Artificial Intelligence (AI).

One of the major benefits of AI is its capacity to spot trends and results in data.

Our experts have been collaborating with scientists, space agencies and local authorities to develop a high-tech collar that integrates AI and enables it to identify the animal’s behavior.

Deploying Smart Environment Solutions

Thanks to the expertise of its DataLab members, their capacity for innovation, access to unrivalled databases, and their mastery of data and the science that can transform them into real value propositions, CLS has all the assets it needs to support its clients in the field.

By mastering the sciences of artificial intelligence and machine learning, coupled with access to multi-source data that is calibrated, validated and integrated, CLS intends to unleash the power of data and help you develop your smart environment solutions.

Reindeer behavior with artificial intelligence withSISMA

Begin with Argos

CLS teams experts in environmental monitoring from space are at your disposal to connect any of your projects.