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Platform Finder

Find your active platform in the field up to 100km away

Platform Finder – Goniometer: CLS RXG-234

The CLS goniometer helps users find active Argos platforms in the field.

Depending on the altitude and the reception conditions the goniometer can detect all transmitting platforms within a specific radius.

Highly sensitive, the Argos goniometer is an essential tool allowing you to recover your instruments at sea or failed tracking beacons by detecting:

  • The direction towards the Argos platform
  • The signal power of the Argos transmitter
  • The GNSS positions transmitted by the platform (if any)


messages saved up internally


radius of detection of transmitting platforms


tracked animals or oceanopgraphic equipment


hours of autonomy

What they’re saying about the platform finder

“The gonio finder was quite helpful and was used for the final localization of the Glider. Our spot tag had issues which greatly complicated matters. However, on the successful recovery day the tag behaved.

We got the fist signals from the tag at about 10 nm and started getting intermittent radio direction finding information at about 6 to 7 miles. By about 3 miles we were receiving every ping (90 sec).”

Dennis Stanley, University of Western Australia

“We loved using the goniometer! We achieved a 100% tag recovery rate, but I honestly don’t think we could have managed that so easily without it.

It was brilliant and saved us a lot of time too.”

Simon Baxter, BBC Natural History Unit

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