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Choose from a range of hardware ready to use Argos services and easy to integrate into your technology.

A Variety of Solutions

Our experts are on hand to advise you on the best hardware adapted to your needs. You can choose from a variety of hardware available from our different partners or get in touch with our experts for more information.

linkit core hardware

Argos Modules

CLS and our partners offer a range of Argos modules available allowing you to create innovative hardware for your projects.

Linkit Core by CLS

Linkit Core by CLS

Re-useable and designed with respect to the environment, the Linkit® Series can be adapted to all oceanographic platforms.

Once connected, your instruments are tracked, easy to recover and the risk of loss is reduced.


Kim1 Module by Kinéis

KIM1 Module by Kinéis

KIM1 is a low-power transmitter module based on Argos-2 waveforms and fully certified by Kinéis, CLS subsidiary, and the French Space Agency, CNES.

It enables communication with all the Argos/Kinéis polar satellites to provide satellite connectivity, data collection, and Doppler localization (GPS-free) for IoT devices.

The use of Argos-RF signals and protocols ensures very low power consumption and a global coverage.

Use it with the KIM1 Shield in order to ease integration.

Kinéis KIM1 Module

KIM1 Shield by Kinéis

KIM1 Shield by Kinéis
(PC - ArduinoUno - STM32Nucleo)

KIM1 shield is designed to make integration of the KIM1 Module much easier.

An application software if provided with the KIM1 Shield and all necessary documentation to help you configure the device.

The KIM1 Shield is specifically designed to integrate the KIM1 by Kinéis to the Arduino open-source development platform. Its dimensions are 8.5cm x 5.56cm x 1.8cm and is stackable on the Arduino Uno Board or STM32Nuclo Board.

For use with KIM1.

Kinéis KIM1 Shield



Argos chipsets provide the freedom to design and develop unique ways to connect with Argos.

ARTIC Chipset by AnSem

ARTIC Chipset by AnSem

The ARTIC (Argos Receiver Transmitter with Integrated Control) is an integrated low power small size Argos-2, Argos-3, and Argos-4 single-chip radio.

ARTIC implements a message-based wireless interface. For satellite uplink communication, ARTIC will encode, modulate and transmit provided user messages.

For downlink communication, ARTIC will lock to the downstream, demodulate, decode it and extract the satellite messages.

AnSem Artic R2 Chipset

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