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New Generation of Argos Services are on Their Way With the 1st Launch of the Kineis Constellation on the 20th of June!

Jun 20, 2024

Kinéis, our Space IoT partner, has announced that it, along with RocketLab, will launch the first five nanosatellites carrying new generation IoT payloads for Argos Services. Due to unfavorable weather, the Kinéis launch planned for the 18th of June (CET) is postponed to the 20th of June at 7:30pm (CET).

Planned over 5 launches, the full constellation of 25 nanosatellites will transform the global connectivity it provides for our Argos Services by offering unprecedented capabilities such as:

  • Data in near real-time
  • Optimized reception quality
  • Increased system capacity

Exclusive provider of the Argos smart IoT environment services, CLS is excited to share this historical moment with you and is offering the opportunity to join us and watch the launch live on our Argos website on June 20th at 7:30p.m (CET).

Scaled-up Argos Smart Environment Solutions

Argos solutions

Argos Services, powered by CLS, use cutting-edge satellite technologies such as location and data collection via Kinéis’ global connectivity as well as Earth Observation data, modeling and Artificial Intelligence to provide smart environment solutions in the field of wildlife monitoring, herd management, smart agriculture, pollution tracking.

But what does the arrival of the new constellation actually mean for your smart solutions provided by CLS?

  • MORE DATA – More satellites mean more data, with 25 nanosatellites joining the 9 satellites currently part of the constellation increased revisits are guaranteed every fifteen minutes. So, with more data collection in near real-time you can monitor soil quality, manage water irrigation, observe your herd’s movements more effectively.
  • LOW POWER BEACONS – The 25 nanosatellites are equipped with Very Low Data Rate technology enabling the creation of low-power beacons. Smaller batteries, smaller devices yet 10 times more messages so even the smallest animal’s migrations can be tracked in near-real time.
  • INCREASED CAPACITY – With 34 satellites at our disposal, the system will be able to connect 2 million transmitters opening the door to new applications with access to near real-time data in even the most remote areas.

Our dedicated teams have been following the adventure from the beginning and working to hard to be on hand to help current and future users adopt this new technology through our Argos services.

For any questions about the new constellation or advice on how to get started with Argos, don’t hesitate to contact our team.