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Dive Into the Cutting-Edge Argos-4 Services Starting On July 10th!

Jul 7, 2023

Unleash the Power of the 4th Argos Generation

Experience a New Era of Excellence!

Here we are: Gazelle and Ocean-Sat-3 are now fully operational and will be ready for you to use on the 10th of July!

  • MORE Satellites, MORE Data: With 2 additional satellites, we guarantee increased revisits, amplifying data collection and expanding study areas for wildlife conservation and oceanographic research.
  • Ready to use VLDA4 Technology (Very Low Data rate A4): Now, 3 satellites are equipped with VLDA4 (Angels, Gazelle and OceanSat-3), enabling the creation of low-power beacons. Smaller batteries, smaller devices, but the same powerful impact! Now you can transmit very small packets (3 Bytes) to theses satellites using a very low power transmitter (100-150mW).

Stay Connected, Stay Ahead: Find all the orbital parameters on ArgosWeb.

Remember, our new satellites are coded as CS for Gazelle and O3 for OceanSat-3.

Ensure your Devices and Information System are ready to embrace these advancements and receive data seamlessly.

Embrace the 4th Argos Generation and revolutionize your connectivity!