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Finding a glider in the Coral Sea

Sep 2, 2015

Finding a glider in the Coral SeaA glider deployed in the Coral Sea in May 2015 by the IMOS (Australia) developed technical problems, most likely due to a faulty memory card. The glider was recovered in September 2015, thanks the RXG-134.

“ The gonio finder was quite helpful and was used for the final localization of the Glider. Our spot tag had issues which greatly complicated matters. However on the successful recovery day the tag behaved.  We got the fist signals from the tag at about 10 nm and started getting intermittant radio direction finding information at about 6 to 7 miles. By about 3 miles we were recieving every ping (90 sec) “ Dennis Stanley

User : Dennis Stanley

Organism :  University of Western Australia, Australia

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