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Argos satellite system launch announced

Jan 31, 2024

You already know that back in 2018, CLS created Kinéis with one goal: transform the Argos satellite system and deploy an unparalleled connectivity that is near real-time, universal, and with a low-data rate.

Now, the launch window for the first of five launches has just been announced and is scheduled to take place between June 10 & July 9, 2024 in New Zealand with Rocketlab.

smart agriculture

A scaled-up satellite system for environmental tracking

In just a few months, the constellation of 25 nanosatellites, the first of its kind for environmental tracking, will scale up the Argos system because it will provide access to more people and offer technology that will provide solutions for smart agriculture, pollution & herd management as well as help re-think the way of studying wildlife, oceans, rivers and lakes.

Your new, improved Argos system will be capable of:

  • Transmitting more data,
  • Connecting miniature tags
  • Enabling 2-way communication with beacons,
  • Providing near-real time data thanks to a 15-minute revisit time

Power of the 4th Argos Generation unleashed

The nanosats join the existing constellation of satellites which follow the two new additions (Gazelle and Ocean-Sat-3) launched in 2022 that are now fully operational.

So, thanks to Gazelle and Ocean-Sat-3, both carrying Argos-4 instruments, the Argos satellite system’s capacity is improved. 

How? Increased revisit times, more data collection and improved data quality.

gazelle satellite Argos4

The upcoming constellation will enable the creation of low-power beacons because of the Very Low Data rate A4 (VLDA4) technology. This technology means tiny packets (3 bytes) of data can be sent to the satellites using a very low power transmitter (100-150mW).

Smaller batteries, smaller devices, but the same powerful impact and a world of opportunities!

CLS, your dedicated partner

Our dedicated teams will continue helping current and future Argos users adopt this new technology and provide smart environment solutions with Argos.

Stay tuned for more updates soon!