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How can CLS support your daily operations with Argos?

Jun 9, 2022

This month we’ve decided to take you back stage to meet Charles Drieu La Rochelle, member of the user support team in France, to find out more about CLS Group’s excellent customer care. What are the most frequently asked questions? When is the team available? Charles tells us everything!


ArgosWeb Portal

Charles, before we start, tell us about yourself

My name is Charles Drieu La Rochelle. I’m proud to have been providing support to our users for 15 years, helping them in their strategic missions for the studying and protection of our planet.


What are two of the most frequently asked questions? 

One of the most frequent questions concerns the operationality of our customer’s program. It is important to know that once you have received your credentials and Argos ID numbers, you can test your platforms freely and consult the data under your Argosweb account.

The second most frequently asked question concerns SUA renewal agreements and ID requests. Not a lot of people know that both can be done directly via your Argos account. In fact, we recently posted a video tutorial for ID requests which you can find here.

Access the ID request tutorial


CLS operations center

When is the support team available? 

The support team in France can be reached between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. European time by phone or email. We are also happy to schedule video calls if our users need more assistant or require more in depth explications/demos.

As CLS Group is an international country, we have various support teams around the world that can take over in other time zones, such as the userservices team at Woods Hole Group in the USA.

Finally, we also have an operations center which is available 24/7 too. All of that to say, there is always a support team member available!


Finally, what do you like most about your job? 

I really like to be challenged in the support I can provide and to be able to answer a huge variety of questions. Sometimes the answer can be straightforward, other times not so much. Also, giving the most satisfaction to our clients with the best delay. every day we provide advice & support to a wide range of different users: organizations, scientists, manufacturers all over the world. 

Get in touch with the support team