Kalman reprocessing

Optimize your Argos tracks

Reprocess your Argos tracks for greater positioning precision

reporcessing data

Argos positioning is based on the Doppler shift of the carrier frequency of the messages (). In addition to the near-real time data processing service, CLS provides a reprocessing service via ArgosWeb that re-estimates platform trajectories with much a higher level of accuracy.

The service relies on an advanced estimation technique and only works retroactively. On average, compared to the real-time processing service, our reprocessing service reduces error by approximately one third for locations based on 2 or
3 messages. For 1- message locations, the error is typically halved.
The use of an Interacting Multiple Model (IMM) filter with a delayed processing significantly improves the Argos location accuracy. This is obtained using a fixed interval multiple-model smoothing technique.
CLS can reprocess locations from January 1, 2008, onwards.
All reprocessing requests can be done via your ArgosWeb account. If you no longer have an active account, you can contact our team and we’ll be happy to assist you.

For more information and technical references, please refer to: Lopez, R., Malardé, J. P., Danès, P., & Gaspar, P. (2015). Improving Argos Doppler location using multiple-model smoothing. Animal Biotelemetry 3, (1), 1.