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ArgosWeb: Quick Start Guide

The ArgosWeb Quick Start Guide will give you the first steps to use ArgosWeb.

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Search & Get Data

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Display your Data


Download your Data

Multi Site Access and User-Friendly Platform

This quick-start guide is intended to provide a brief explanation of the standard buttons and how to access some of the most used features in ArgosWeb.

This version works on all browsers and tablets (Android, Ipad). For Internet Explorer user, we recommend at least IE 9.

Greater detail is available in our full-length User Manual online or contact your local correspondantwhich you can find here.

argosweb platform
my account argosweb menu

Account Management

This menu allows you to access your user, program and platform information.

From here, you can also add/delete guest accounts, renew your SUA, request new ID numbers and view your account activity.


This menu allows you to change the preferences. Very useful to select the language and change the format which will be used in the data grid.

Search and Get Data

    1. Set selection criteria
    2. Edit platform or program list
    3. Select location classes to display
    4. Set time frame and parameters (20 days max)
    5. Request your data
    6. Export grid data

If the results are not satisfactory, please reviewor clear the grid filters.

The last 20 days are available.

The “most recent data” option displays the latest data, whatever the date.

argosweb search and get data

Display your Data

Click on the quick link to mapping tool from your dashboard.

display data on Argosweb


    1. Open the positions search menu
    2. Choose your criteria
    3. Click search to see the results
argosweb mapping tool

Download your Data

    1. Set selection mode and parameters
    2. Select all colums
    3. Or select only column to download
    4. Download your data

The last 20 days are available.

The “most recent data” option displays the latest data, whatever the date.

argosweb download data
argosweb download data from mapping tool

Download your Data
from the Mapping Tool

  1. Choose Display position grid
  2. Click on ‘Export data’ button
  3. Choose your format
  4. Allows you to choose between exporting all or filtered data and only the displayed columns or all columns
  5. Download your data

If filters have been applied they will be applied when exporting.

For regular and simple data exports we recommend downloading via ArgosWeb.