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Contribution of space technologies for livestock and food security

Apr 10, 2018

As part of the ESA program named ARTES 20/Integrated Applications Promotion (IAP), and with the support of the CNES, CLS is working on a new space application for animal tracking in the field of livestock management, disease reduction and sustainability of ecosystem services.

This system is called SISMA as an acronym standing for « Space Innovative System to Monitor Animals ».

This first service is an efficient monitoring solution of reindeers’ activities and their vulnerability factors, with the aim to limit losses and support sustainable management of herds in Russia.

The SISMA service for reindeers in Russia targets three user communities:

  1. Herders and Natural reserves for connecting reindeers to herders to reduce animal loss and increase the number of animals managed (or save time for other activities).
  2. Health communities for building the capacity of veterinary services over the territory to reduce detection delays of diseases and support decision making and to control of operational costs.
  3. State agencies (Agricultural, Environmental) & participating scientists for knowledge of ground occupation by the herds to adapt management strategies to climate change and also to secure critical reindeer habitats and food supply, reduce reindeer fragmentation/land conflicts, set up conditions for economic development of reindeer husbandries (e.g. for subsidies, meat exportation) and develop sustainable hunting of wild reindeers.