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Launch of ARGOS 4 Next generations

Jul 18, 2017

Argos has always connected mobiles everywhere on the planet. CLS, which has operated the Argos satellite system since its creation, thus has all the Argos For NEXT GENERATIONS knowledge, professional skills, infrastructures and networks needed to work on Argos for Next Generations. CLS’s mission will be to offer a new system which will give connected objects an entirely new dimension. A universal connection, which will make the IoT available all over the world. Argos will be radically changing its scale of operation!

From location and data collection through to processing, the new-generation Argos system will offer information that has been integrated especially for its users’ professions. Ship-owners, biologists, scientists, environmental protection stakeholders and fishery administrators will all benefit from improvements that enhance their studies, performance and daily management. To achieve this, DATA ANALYTICS, BIG DATA and DATA MAPPING will be the watchwords for this entirely new generation Argos system. The future system will usher in a radical change of scale.

A revolution in scale will be undertaken while respecting the values of CNES, CLS and the Argos system, with a view to protecting our planet, sustainably managing its marine resources and thus protecting humanity.

JYLEGall CNES launch of ARgos next GenerationThe Paris-Air Show at Le Bourget was an opportunity for CLS to begin preparing the next step in Argos’s future, with our full support. The Argos system was one of the first satellite location and data collection systems. It contributes a great deal to our knowledge of the environment and its protection. In this context, borne by the worldwide enthusiasm during the COP21, CLS decided to name
this key, future system for the environment : “Argos for next generations”.

While 2020 will mark the launching of the 5G offer, the current decade is that of very high speed networks, including:

A fixed, very high speed fibre optic network, supported and deployed in France by the “France Très Haut Débit” plan.

A very high speed mobile network based on 4G.

As Internet connectivity improves, its role in economic growth and human activity is becoming essential.

22,000 Argos beacons transmit each month

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