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The future of Argos satellite telemetry is Kinéis

Sep 10, 2018

For nearly 40 years, the international space agencies that manage the Argos system have been committed to technological advancements. Capitalizing on this long experience in state-of-the-art, innovative instrumentation, the French Space Agency, CNES, has invested in a new generation of Argos payloads, called Argos-4, that will fly on the satellites of its international partners starting in 2019.

The increased bandwidth of Argos-4 technology as well as the operational downlink will make it possible to send ever more data even more efficiently, improving performance for existing applications as well as opening the door for a host of new ones.

In parallel, CLS, with the support of the French Space Agency CNES, is working to develop a completely new generation of dedicated satellites, using nanosat technology. This constellation of 25 nanosatellites, called KINÉIS, will be put into orbit as early as 2023 with the first prototype already in orbit.


  • October 2019: CNES will launch ANGELS (Argos NEO Generic Economic Light Satellites), the 1st Argos nanosatellite prototype
  • January 2020:The Indian Space Agency (ISRO) will launch the first Argos-4 instrument on OceanSat-3 satellite
  • 2022: CDARS satellite to be launched with an Argos-4 payload on board with U.S. government funding
  • Between now-2036: EUMETSAT is committed to launching Argos-4 payloads onboard European Meteorological satellites
  • 2023: Kinéis, subsidiary of CLS, will launch new constellation of 25 dedicated nanosatellites, fully compatible with Argos

With the support of CNES, CLS announces a new satellite constellation, Kinéis

Kinéis aims to become a major player in NewSpace and allow, by 2030, several million objects to be connected wherever they are on the surface of the globe. Professionals and the general public will have access to a global satellite location and connectivity service, very easy to use and very affordable. The basis of this connectivity: a constellation of nanosatellites, unpublished, developed with strategic partners: Thales Alenia Space, Nexeya, Syrlinks.