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How does EUMETSAT measure ocean temperature?

May 29, 2020

The ocean is the world’s first heat concentrator. Measuring the temperature of our oceans is one of the key indicators of global warming. EUMETSAT (European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites), the European Space Weather Agency, renews its confidence in CLS by extending the TRUSTED project which is releasing a new-generation of ultra high-precision drifting buoys.

high resolution drifting bouy TRUSTED

Drifting buoys from the TRUSTED project

Nearly 100 buoys already deployed to measure ocean temperature

Nearly 100 buoys have already been deployed in the world’s oceans and 50 new buoys will be deployed. They measure sea surface temperature (SST) whilst drifting with unprecedented precision. These data are strategic for calibrating the instruments loaded on board EUMETSAT’s and COPERNICUS’ satellites. In addition to improving the performance of the space segment dedicated to Earth observation, this information is also directly transmitted to meteorologists, climatologists and oceanographers of the international community.

A workshop to assess the performance of these new types of buoys will be hosted by Meteo France in Saint Mandé on the 2-4 March 2021.

More info about oceanography

CLS committed alongside EUMETSAT

EUMETSAT operation center

EUMETSAT Operation Center

CLS, committed to a sustainable planet, is pleased to support EUMETSAT in its mission to better understand our weather systems on a global scale and thus improve the European weather forecasting chain.

Indeed, with climate change, the strength and frequency of extreme weather events has grown: floods, cyclones, storms, typhoons,but also droughts are more and more devastating! To better understand our planet, to obtain reliable, high quality and highly accurate data is of vital importance. Predicting our environmental conditions with great acuity in the medium to long time scales, improving our climate emergency monitoring, and thus being able to deploy the appropriate Response means in the field to save as many people as possible, these are the issues at stake behind the state of the art technology embedded in these drifting buoys.

cyclone from space

Through TRUSTED project, science, technology, engineers from CLS and its partners and EUMETSAT project teams are all focused on serving of humankind and our planet. Together they are advancing science for the good of the humankind and the environment.

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