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Goniometer RXG-134

Mar 2, 2016

The CLS goniometer helps users find active ARGOS platforms in the field. Depending on the altitude and the reception conditions the goniometer can detect all transmitting platforms within a radius of 100 km or more.

It is a highly sensitive direction finder which enables field recovery of Argos platforms by detecting :

  • The direction towards the Argos platform
  • The signal power of the Argos transmitter
  • The GPS positions transmitted by the platform (if any)

This new Goniometer is an essential tool for recovering Ocean Gliders where the primary communication system has failed. Argos transmitters, which are both robust and energy efficient, are used to locate expensive oceanographic instruments. Due to its global coverage, its accurate Doppler positioning (to within 250m) and tools such as the goniometer for retrieval in the field, Argos is the ideal satellite system for geolocating and retrieving instruments at sea.

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