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Argos Solutions Are Getting a Boost

Jun 20, 2024

Congratulations to our Space IoT partner, Kinéis, and their launcher Rocket Lab for this evening’s successful launch!

Today, the first five of a planned constellation of 25 nanosatellites are in orbit, carrying new generation IoT payloads for Argos Services and will soon begin offering accessible global connectivity in near real-time.

CLS uses this global connectivity to offer a new generation of Argos Smart Environment Solutions.

What the new constellation means for our smart solutions

smart agriculture

Smart Agriculture

With the upgraded system, soil quality & irrigation can be monitored in real-time to help the agricultural industry make informed decisions and farm sustainably. Thanks to the Very Low Data Rate (VLDRA) technology, the door is wide open for innovation.

Today, we’re measuring what’s in the soil. Tomorrow, with new and tiny sensors, we could monitor crop growth in real-time or limit the impact of invasive species – the possibilities are endless!

ocean and plastic pollution

Pollution Tracking

Our dedicated Argos solution helps clients understand how plastic waste moves through waterways.

With the additional 25 nanosatellites in orbit, the MARGET-II buoys developed by CLS will be able to provide up to 96 positions per day and track macro-plastics in near real-time, providing crucial information for optimizing waste collection. 

herd management

Herd Management

Our multi-source solution supports herding, species re-introduction and species protection in remote areas. There are numerous benefits with this updated system.

Herds can be monitored & protected in near real-time, crucial habitats can be identified and preserved, and interactions between human populations and wild herds can be measured and mitigated.


Wildlife Monitoring

For nearly 40 years, the scientific community has been using Argos services to understand animal migrations and behavior.

The upgraded system means animal behavior can be monitored in near real-time, smaller species can also be observed, and hundreds of thousands of animals can be tracked every month using Argos services.

Contact our team on how to get started with our Smart IoT Solutions.