Argos Publications

28.06.2016 Brochure EO4 Wildlife brochure

The EO4Wildlife project aims to provide an intelligent platform for biologists, ecologists and ornithologists around the world that fuses European Sentinel Copernicus Earth Observation data with animal tracking from Argos.

24.06.2016 Forum Wildlife conservation in the Middle East

User program: Using Argos to identify important sites for flamingos in a rapidly changing landscape
User program: Using Argos to track sooty falcons from Oman to Madagascar
User program: Marine turtles conservation and monitoring in Ras Laffan City and Qatar
Projects: Monitoring of whale sharks in Qatari waters with Argos
News: Uncovering the life of marine turtles in the Arabian region

24.06.2016 Brochure Argos: Satellite tracking for environmental applications

Argos is the only global satellite-based system for location and data collection designed specifically to study and protect our planet’s environment.

02.05.2016 Brochure Argos 3D Tracking

Use our 3D tracking interface to add a new, environmental dimension to your Argos animal tracks!

02.12.2015 Presse Press Release: COP21 Biodiversity: High stakes for humanity

Argos system helps understand and protect biodiversity: 100, 000 animals tracked for 30 years by satellite

20.11.2015 Forum Argos, monitoring the impacts of climate change

– Polar bears and climate change
– A near real-time climate observation system for high latitudes
– Boom-bust nomads in a changing climate
– Triton moorings for the tropical ocean climate
– Sharpening climate change predictions for marine fishes
– What future for Crozet Island's king penguins?
– Monitoring cyclonic waves
– How leatherback turtles will react to climate change
– ARGO: A revolution in climate research
– ARGOS: An enabling technology for climate research

14.10.2015 Flash October 2015

The Argos chipset : a game-changer for satellite tracking applications
Don’t pay for unused ID numbers
Find all active Argos platforms in the field using the CLS goniometer
New argos antenna on Easter Island!
New look for ArgosWeb!
In which cases are Argos location classes overestimated?
49th meeting of the Argos Operations Committee

28.04.2015 Forum Innovations in Ocean Science

-Exploring the possibility of using Argo float data to validate bathymetric data
-Observing the Southern Ocean and beyond with an extremely long-lived drifting buoy
-Elephant seals as an innovative source of in-situ observations in the Southern Ocean
-Transforming the IMOCA 60s of the Barcelona World Race into Volunteer Ships
-Finding a lost glider in the Southern Ocean

20.01.2015 Flash January 2015

Argos real-time antenna network continues to grow
A new look for the Argos website
Improving the Argos system for low power transmitters
Why would I have two different Argos location values for the same satellite pass, based on the time at which I download my data?
IUCAWA: Highlighting the remarkable research performed by biologists with Argos
DBCP /JTA, October 27-November 5, Weihai, China

17.11.2014 Presse Communiqué de presse IUCAWA 2014

Wallace J. Nichols, Dee Boersma, Gerardo Ceballos, Barbara Block, Randall Wells, George Durner…What do these super-star scientists have in common?