Argos Publications

17.12.2013 Flash December 2013

-Fast and easy access to one year of archived Argos data via ArgosWeb
-Find your platforms in the field with our new goniometer
-Export tracking data from ArgosWeb to GoogleEarth
-Continuing to improve Argos real time coverage
-FAQ: How can I download trajectory information with ArgosWeb?
-A fully upgraded recieving station in Tahiti

22.05.2013 Flash May 2013

- Two new satellite Launches: METOP-B and SARAL
- New Goniometer
- CLS adopts a new infrastructure
- FAQs
- Advantages to download your data through the ARGOS WebService

02.07.2012 Flash June 2012

- Filter out platform positions based on their accuracy
- Optimized trajectories on Argos Web thanks to the filter function
- Argos: an efficient distribution service
- In brief: consult and pay you Argos bills on-line

05.01.2012 Flash December 2011

-Be informed about the activities or status of your Argos platforms!
-ArgosWeb: Export error ellipses on Google Earth
-Improving Data Distribution Timeliness
-FAQ: How can I use the information provided by the error ellipse?
-In brief: More Argos-3 Satellites in 2012

12.09.2011 Flash July 2011

- Webservices are here! Argos data is now available in XML format
- Nearly 70% of Argos PTTS now benefit from Kalman filtering location processing
- Don't forget: 6 digit ID numbers and turn in old IDs
- FAQ: How accurate are one-message Class B locations when processed with Kalman filtering?
- Focus: Second METOP global antenna now operational in Antarctica!

01.02.2011 Flash February 2011

- Argos location algorithm : It’s your choice !
- Kalman filtering vs. least squares analysis at a glance
- Reprocessing your locations with the Kalman filter algorithm
- FAQ: How do I switch to the Kalman filtering algorithm for an existing program ?
- Focus: Welcome to four new receiving stations !

01.09.2010 Flash September 2010

- Special Edition: Argos location at its best!
- Oceanographers or biologists, satellite tracking just got better!
- More positions, more accuracy…
- FAQ: How will the new processing change my data?
- Focus: How it works: A positioning algorithm based on Kalman filters

01.05.2010 Flash May 2010

- The Argos-3 system: Still functioning 100%
- A new way of distributing Argos data
- Your SUA and ID number request forms online
- FAQ: Choosing an optimal transmission period ...
- In brief:
- New location algorithms based on Doppler Effect

01.02.2010 Flash February 2010

- Switch to 6 digits: start testing your compatibility now
- Sea turtle research
- The latest news on Argos-3
- FAQ: Can I share my data in ArgosWeb?
- In brief:
- What's new on ArgosWeb?

01.09.2009 Flash September 2009

- Exciting results for the Argos-3 pilot projects!
- New MBM-GPS service: a new service for monitoring your platforms
- FAQ: Is my Argos data processing software compatible with 6-digit ID numbers?
- In brief:
- Argos celebrates its 30th birthday
- New web service for Argos