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Argos Forum #77 | Birds and Argos, a worldwide journey

Dec 2, 2013

  • Understanding movements of avian scavengers on both sides of the Equator
  • Tracking carnaby’s cockatoos in Western Australia
  • Natal dispersal of eagle owls: a European scale project
  • Studying marabou storks around the lake Victoria basin
  • Spatio-temporal tracking of common wood pigeons in Europe
  • Cross or go around the sea? The effect of weather conditions on the migratory strategy of oriental honey buzzards
  • NorthStar Grant Program: presentation of the winning projects
  • Zoom on: tracking Egyptian vultures in the Middle East
  • News: ARGOS-3 HD:jpeg images trasmission in addition to meteorological data
  • Goniometer RXG-134: to help you find your platform equipped with an ARGOS transmitter