Marine fisheries

Enforcing quotas and fishing zones to preserve stocks for future generations

The future of our fisheries depends to a large extent on our ability to preserve stocks effectively. Argos has been certified by most of the leading seaboard nations around the world and is already operating on thousands of vessels worldwide.

Establishing, managing and monitoring marine protected areas

To preserve the rich resources of the marine world, governments are developing programs for Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).

The satellite location and data collection solutions developed with Argos system provide support to MPA managers.

They can be used to observe the behaviour of marine species thus aiding authorities to establish critical zones and periods for safeguarding biodiversity.

Tracking fishing boats, communicating and managing fisheries

To support the implementation of sustainable marine-resource management policies, CLS has developed the Vessel Monitoring System (VMS), a satellite-based system for monitoring and managing fisheries.

CLS provides an equipment package (transmitter + software) that meets the specific needs of the industrial and small-scale fishing sectors.


Combating illegal, undeclared, unregulated fishing (IUU)

The VMS system identifies ships equipped with a satellite location transmitter. It improves real-time observation of ship positions and activities, boat by boat, fishery by fishery, in order to provide a better estimate of on-board stocks.

It also makes it possible to detect unregistered vessels in the zone.

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Supporting the development of small-scale fishing

To meet the management and support needs of small-scale fishing boats, CLS provides a tracking system that identifies boats equipped with satellite location transmitters.

This system makes it possible to manage potential conflicts between industrial and small-scale fishing activities more effectively. It can also be used to assist operations in the event of problems arising.

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