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An Argos tag floated about 3,000 kilometers before being found in Ireland

Jul 27, 2015

Argos transmitters attached to a fishes in New Brunswick in 2014 were just recovered in Greenland and Ireland. The Argos tags are attached to selected salmon by the Atlantic Salmon Federation in an effort to try and discover the reasons for high mortality at sea.

After several month, the Argos tag later popped off the fish as it was programmed to do and then transmitted its recorded data to us via Argos satellites, a precious information for scientists. In this case, the tag drifted on the seas for three weeks before its battery died and it was found after few weeks and returned to the researchers.

‘It’s like finding a needle in a haystack because these tags are only a few inches long and quite light and narrow.’ – Graham Chafe, Atlantic Salmon Federation biologist

The return of the tag is very important. It will allow researchers to download more data that can’t be accessed through satellite transmission.

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