Track & Loc data processing

Combining 35 years of Argos experience with oceanographic expertise to improve underwater geolocation


track and loc

Light-based-only geolocation is far less accurate than satellite positioning, yielding errors ranging from 1 to 5 degrees in latitude, or even worse at the equinoxes or in turbid waters. Improved geolocation CLS scientists actively contribute to the development of new techniques to improve geolocation.

These techniques combine the following technical enhancements:
  • Better precision of the animal positions estimated from light level measurements
  • Animal movement models to constrain position estimates
  • Matching satellite-derived sea-surface temperatures with the nearsurface water temperature measured by the tag to adjust positions
  • Diving depths to constrain the animal position in shallow waters
  • Magnetic field intensity measurements to improve animal positions


A service for challenging data

Implementation of these improved geolocation techniques is challenging as it requires joint processing of tag measurements and large satellite oceanography data sets.

Based on its Satellite Oceanography Expertise combined with its unique experience in Argos and tag data processing, CLS provides an enhanced underwater geolocation service that works for all pop-up and internal tags, regardless of the tag manufacturer or software.

Example of results