How to access to your satellite data ?

An easy data access and management

Argos is a unique worldwide location and data collection system dedicated to studying and protecting the environment.

There are several ways to access data :

General Overview


Data delivery


your data directly at your desk !


5 receiving options available :

  • FTP: data are sent by internet and placed in a predefined file in your computer; the best option for large volumes of data.
  • Email: your results are sent in the body of the email or as an attached file.
  • Fax: your data are sent directly to your fax number.
  • SMS or voice mail: provided a GSM mobile phone number or regular fixed line. If relayed to a fixed line, an SMS is sent and transformed into an automatic voice mail message subject to your Telecom provider capability. Given the maximum capacity of an SMS, the SMS option is adequate for small amounts of data and useful for one position of a PTT or for alerts for example .
  • Databank: your results are sent by mail on cdrom. You can also receive bitmap files with the tracks of your PTTs on maps. To receive you data when you are out of your office, donwload your emails on the web or on your mobile phone (GPRS mode), or have your data sent via Inmarsat, if you are at sea.
Several types of results :
  • All validated positions and all messages collected by the satellites (DS format)
  • All validated positions and one message per satellite pass (TX format), also available in tabulated format, Excel compatible, QuickTable format)
  • All positions calculated with additional processing and performance parameters of your transmitters (DIAG format).


With ArgosShare you can further define receiving options such as delivery triggered by PTT location versus a geographical area as soon as new results are received or periodically in hours or days.

Secure delivery and encrypted data

  • All your ArgosDirect options are recorded at the two main Argos processing centers in Ramonville (Toulouse, France) and Largo, Maryland (Washington, DC).
  • Choose a back-up transmission mode which will automatically be used in case the first selection is unavailable (fax number disconnected, mailbox full…).
  • Receive alert messages if ArgosData detects a permanent failure on your main data transmission mode.
  • Use compacted file formats to optimize costs.
  • Protect your data transferred with encryption.

A secure website

ArgosWeb, access a World of Argos data !

ArgosWeb is an attractive, practical and user-friendly website designed and created by CLS to provide you with secure and easy access to your Argos Data.

This new responsive design version works on all browsers and tablets (Android, iPad) and has a new mapping tool with 6 different map types available including two dedicated to the North and South Poles as well as new tools such as animating trajectories.

Choose from a new selection of icons to personalize your new mapping tool and you can now export 1 year of your data in CSV, Excel, PDF, HTML and KML. If you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact your local customer service.

ArgosWeb is an attractive, practical and user-friendly website! 

  • Responsive design (entirely compatible with smart phones and tablets)
  • Entirely rebuilt mapping tool
  • Improved data Access and Download features
  • Argos positions reprocessing request option (Least Square/ Kalman / Kalman smoother)
  • Faster load time
  • View all Argos and GPS positions on map
  • Save and print these colorful maps in JPG, GIF or PNG format.
  • 1 year of archive data available online
  • Export Argos tracks with error ellipses on Google Earth
  • Manage your settings & Create guest accounts
  • Satellite pass prediction
  • Animate trajectories

Clear, easy-to-use, online help : ArgosWeb also provides a clear and easy-to-use online help for each of the website’s functions : maps, tables, downloads, settings, etc.

And more fonctionnalities…

Our support section has detailed FAQs, user guide and set-up instructions to learn more about all the ArgosWeb features.

A machine-to-machine interface

Web Services

Contact the database directly !

CLS has developed a new machine-to-machine/automatic interface called WebService in order to distribute Argos data.

This modern alternative to ArgosServer (Telnet) is free of charge and makes it possible for Argos users to contact CLS’s data base directly, via internet, and receive their data in CSV, XML and KML (GoogleEarth) format.

Our WebService deliver useful information such as positions, error estimates,diagnostic data, raw messages, sensor data, etc. The user can choose the different types of data to download via filters.

Data management

Share your data !

Argos Share

Automatically share your data with colleagues by program, platform, time interval or geographic areas. With ArgosShare, you can easily make data available to your colleagues.

  • Choose colleagues with whom you want to share data
  • Select the data set you want to share
  • Tie data sharing to a specific geographic area
  • Use ArgosShare for Operational Programs

GTS Distribution Service

The Global Telecommunication System (GTS), is a network run by the World Meteorological  Organization (WMO), to facilitate data exchange between national weather centers. Data from a number of Argos programs are important for the GTS, namely because they can be fed into national  weather centers’ real-time weather forecasting models.
Argos users can contribute by authorizing the distribution of their meteorological and oceanographic data to the GTS processing system, free of charge. Data are automatically quality-controlled and put into WMO formats in order to be posted on GTS.
Be always informed !
Argos Monitor

Monitor the status of your platforms, their positions and the data they collect.

A value-added service provided by Argos that allows you to monitor your platforms remotely. ArgosMonitor is an ideal service for Oceanographers/Meteorologists and Biologists

  • ArgosMonitor reports on the position and the activity of your platforms, as well as their current state. As soon as ArgosMonitor detects an abnomaly in one of your platforms’ behavior, an alert will be sent to you by email, fax, or sms.
  • This service is particularly useful for alerting you about an “event” that you have pre-defined with your User Office. For example, ArgosMonitor can alert you of a sensor malfunction, or if a platform that is meant to be stationary suddenly moves significantly (for example, your moored, buoy starts to float away…).
  • ArgosMonitor can also let you know when a platform enters/exits a pre-defined zone (a bird returning to its nest, for example…).
  • ArgosMonitor can also alert you if a platform begins transmitting messages or stops transmitting for an abnormally long period of time