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The autumn migration 2015 of Lesser Spotted Eagles has started in September

Oct 26, 2015 is the website of the World Working Group on Birds of Prey (WWGBP) where some of the results of satellite telemetry studies are presented. Using Argos satellite tags, studies of 15 different bird of prey species have been conducted since 1992, in Germany and abroad.

Thebirds are individually designated by their transmitter number and in most cases they have also been given a name, some of them by the eyrie monitor. All birds are marked with Argos GPS transmitters, the last ones (Ulf, Marta and Jan) with GSM tags supplying often several hundred GPS fixes (plus altitude, speed and direction) per day.

raptors maps

Interactive tracking map

For reasons of time, only the course of migration of the Lesser Spotted Eagle (Aquila pomarina), in cooperation with the BirdLife Germany federal office, is dealt with here, with a very rough presentation of the course of migration. In order to show this online in as near as possible to real time, only one fix per day will bee used, although many more than 100 fixes are received daily from some birds. Migration within Germany is not shown, in order to guarantee the anonymity of the eyrie sites of this extremely rare species.

The movements of birds have been investigated for the past 100 years mainly by ringing. In recent times satellite telemetry has provided us with a new device which makes possible the permanent and worldwide automatic location of birds over an extended period of time. In view of the rapid development of this technique, a Yahoo Group for ‘Satellite Telemetry in Ornithology’ has been created for discussion and to help disseminate information on this technique and its results among researchers and other interested individuals to overcome the problem of the long time-lapse involved in the publication of articles in scientific journals.

www. satellite (english version)

Satellite Telemetry in Ornithology Yahoo group

Raptor conservation Yahoo group