Argos Monitor

Keeping an eye on platform performance...

ArgosMonitor is a platform monitoring service that makes it possible to monitor platforms remotely. ArgosMonitor automatically sends an alert message to users in certain pre-defined circumstances.

For Biologists, Oceanographers/Meteorologists and Hydrologists/Users of other fixed stations

transmission argosmonitor

Transmission ArgosMonitor

Is the transmitter still working?

Transmission ArgosMonitor sends you an alert when no message has been received from your platform for a pre-defined time period. An alert message will also be sent if no location has been calculated.

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geo argosmonitor

GEO ArgosMonitor

Has the animal I am tracking entered a wintering zone? returned to its nest? crossed a border?

GEO ArgosMonitor sends you an alarm message when a platform enters or leaves a customized zone.

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sensor argosmonitor

SENSOR Argos Monitor

Is the animal still alive (are heart rate, temperature measurements normal)? Is the battery low?

Sensor ArgosMonitor can alert users when an unusal value for a particular sensor is reported.

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ArgosMonitor "Watchdog" Services : Added security for high-value ocean buoys

silent argosmonitor

SILENT ArgosMonitor

Has my equipment surfaced inadvertently?

This service is designed for underwater moorings, (i.e., platforms that only use Argos in case of an emergency ). It sends an alert (and if possible, a location) if at least two messages have been received via the Argos system.

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MBM ArgosMonitor

MBM ArgosMonitor

Is my moored buoy floating away?

Designed for Moored Buoys, this service will alert you if a moored buoy leaves its mooring zone. It also provides you with locations so you can quickly recover your Moored Buoy.

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