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New JTA Tariff Policy

Dec 12, 2016

A new JTA Tariff Policy was voted in 2016 and will be applied for all JTA programs as of 2017. The new policy is based on time slots to ensure a more transparent, easier to understand invoice unit for users.

A pricing policy based on time slots

For billing purposes, the day is divided into time unit of 6 hours called Time Slots (0-6 ; 6-12 ; 12-18 ; 18-24 UTC).  Any platform that transmits during a given time slot will be invoiced for that time slot.

JTA time slots

JTA time slots

Will this change my bill?

The new billing unit will not change your final bill, because time slots were actually at the basis of the previous pricing policy, but they were converted to days in the user’s final invoice. The new policy no longer converts to days, and is therefore more transparent.

Can I pay my Argos bill online?

Yes! CLS users can create an account and start paying bills online at the following website:

CLS America users can pay their bills online at the following address: