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The revolutionary new Argos chipset from CLS and its partners

Oct 19, 2018

CLS and its partners have developed revolutionary new technology, an Argos chipset for uplink and downlink communication. Its small size and weight, just 7 mm x 7 mm and under 1 gram, are noteworthy. Low cost and easy to integrate, it gives Argos satellite connectivity to the smallest, most light-weight tags. Compatible with all existing Argos generations (2, 3 and 4), its flexible configuration allows it to benefit from several decades of technical improvements. Indeed, by regularly receiving the up-to-date satellite orbit parameters, the tag is able to transmit only when a satellite is in sight, thus saving precious battery lifetime. Besides, recognizing the generation of an in-sight satellite allows it to adapt its transmission strategy and parameters for better efficiency. For instance, a “handshake” is even possible with the satellite for acknowledgment of every transmitted message therefore making it possible to provide faster transmission of all stored data at once, enhanced by high data rate capabilities. The chip can also receive remote commands, for reconfiguration of either transmission or data collection settings. The increased efficiency has had knock-on benefits that have unveiled new opportunities for better, less invasive tracking. This makes it easier to monitor how wildlife is coping in our fast-changing environment.




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