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How leatherback turtles will react to climate change

Dec 7, 2015

Pacific leatherbacks, a species that is already in sharp decline due to development on nesting beaches, illegal egg harvesting and fisheries bycatch, may also be vulnerable to climate change. In a study lead by Ellen Willis-Norton, Argos tracking data collected from 46 nesting females between 2004-2007 is an important resource for understanding the impact that climate change may have on Eastern Pacific leatherback populations.

Article reprinted from Deep Sea Research II, Vol 113, Ellen Willis-Norton, Elliott L. Hazen, Sabrina Fossette, George Shillinger, Ryan R. Rykaczewskif, David G. Foley, John P. Dunneg, Steven J. Bograd, Climate change impacts on leatherback turtle pelagic habitat in the Southeast Pacific, Pages 260-267, Copyright March 2015, with permission from Elsevier.

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