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Dr. Ceballos, invited speaker to IUCAWA2014

Nov 9, 2014

Dr. Ceballos is a major figure in global conservation science, carrying out strenuous field work testing ideas in countryside biogeography and doing important theoretical/ practical work on the global distributions of mammals and their significance for mammal conservation as well as on global rates of extinction as humanity triggers the sixth great extinction event. Ceballos also has been responsible for enormous direct contributions to the preservation of the biodiversity of Mexico — a global «hotspot.»


Champion for jaguars in Mexico, conducting the first country-level jaguar census and the most comprehensive jaguar study to date, Dr. Ceballos’ work was recognized with the prestigious Indianapolis Prize, a biennial award given to individuals for «extraordinary contributions to conservation efforts» affecting one or more animal species by the Indianapolis Zoo. It is considered to be the world’s leading award for animal conservation by members of the professional wildlife conservation community.

2014 Indianapolis Prize | Gerardo Ceballos from Mays Entertainment, Co. on Vimeo.

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