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Argos is consolidating its role as a worldwide system for observing and protecting the earth's environment.

Argos is a unique worldwide location and data collection system dedicated to studying and protecting the environment.

In order to better manage its environment, mankind must deepen its knowledge of biodiversity and other environmental resources.

The continuous development of Argos instruments and future satellite launches guarantee users a robust and reliable satellite link and coverage. Argos has always responded to the needs of the world’s scientific communities. Argos gives scientists a tool to enhance their understanding of our environment and helps industries and administrations comply with environmental protection regulations.


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Argos -3 : third generation system

The third generation of Argos was launched in 2006 on board the METOP-A satellite introducing new capabilities for users.

Thanks to a downlink and a high data rate channel, Argos-3 platforms can:

  • send more data (up to 10 times more than with Argos-2)
  • be managed remotely by commands
  • save power in transmitting only over satellite passes

In order to benefit from these technological improvements, your Argos platform must be fitted with a PMT (Platform Messaging Transceiver) and a bi-frequency antenna.

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Argos-4 instruments under preparation at CNES

Technologies constantly evolving, a new generation of instruments was needed to upgrade the system. CNES and NOAA decided to design and develop the Argos-4 mission. Design and development of the Argos new generation is decided to meet the users’ needs. The aim of the Argos-4 mission is thus to ensure the continuity of the Argos-2 and Argos-3 missions, while also significantly improving the system’s telecommunication capacity and the beacons’ operational flexibility.