Argos Publications

01.12.2003 Flash December 2003

- Updates
- The Argos future, capabilities and constellation
- Receive Encoded Data
FAQ: What should I do if my platform transmits only 2 or 3 messages per satellite pass?
Do I need the location service plus (ALP) service?
In brief: New antennas, Michel Cazenave President of CLS retires, Information.

01.07.2003 Flash July 2003

- Argos Data on-line web access now open
- Go Ahead for ADEOS II
- FAQ: Why should I go for GPS?
- In brief: New Antenna, Animal tracking Symposium a Success!!

01.01.2003 Flash January 2003

- ADEOS II successfully launched
- New system capabilities with Argos two-way
- FAQ: How can I use a GPS receiver with Argos?
- In brief: Animal Tracjing Symposium, Migration without frontiers

01.09.2002 Flash September 2002

- NOAA-M launch
- Animal Tracking Symposium
- NOAA, ADEOS II, satellite orbits
- The Argos downlink and the platform messaging transceiver (PMT)
- FAQ: How does Argos Doppler-derived location work?
- In brief: Japanese Rocket Successfully launched, Solitaire du Figaro August 4-29

01.05.2002 Flash May 2002

- New issue, New look
- Argos 2 System: Avantages
- Sensor data processing:
Priority to User Office (BUT) declarations
- FAQ: How can I locate my platform
- In brief: Mission banquise, Sailboat Racing, Oceanology International.

01.08.2001 Flash August 2001

- Argos downlink is rapidly approching
- In brief:Argos Brochure, NASDA successfully launched H-IIA, Upcoming shows and conferences

01.02.2001 Flash February 2001

- NOAA-L operational
- New customer service Departement at CLS
- In brief: Argos user's manual on cd-rom, International users conference hosted by Service Argos Inc.