Argos Publications

01.09.2000 Forum Argos buoys atop the frozen ocean

Argos Buoys atop the Frozen Ocean (p 3)
International Arctic Buoy Programme (p 5)
The International Programme for Antarctic Buoys (p 9)
ICEXAIR - The Workhorse of Arctic Climate Monitoring (p 13)

01.02.2000 Forum Innovations in Wildlife tracking

Frequency Spreading Enables More Data Transmissions (p 3)
Examining the Migrations of Atlantic Bluefin Tuna with Pop-up Satellite & Archival Tag Technology (p 5)
South Georgia Albatross Studies (p 9)
Tracking Green Turtles in the Indian Ocean (p 11)
North Star Science and Technology, LLC Enters Wildlife Tracking Market (p 13)
Innovations from Microwave Telemetry, Inc (p 15)
KiwiSat 101 PTT from Sirtrack (p 15)

01.11.1999 Forum Smart Data Transminissiion

VSI monitors Indonesia's volcanoes (p 5)
TRITON buoy real time data transmission via Argos (p 9)
Self-Locating Datum Marker Buoy (p 13)
Efficient Use of the Argos Message in Ocean Surface Drifters (p 13)

01.04.1999 Forum Argos, the mission continues

Surface buoys and the Argos system (p 5)
Argos: an ideal tool for tomorrow's important scientific challenges (p 9)
Argos and GPS (p 11)
How Argos contributes to studying El NiƱo (p 13)
Argos 2001 project: a new user interface and more processing capacity (p 15)
Argos two-way: Frequently Asked Questions (p 17)
More messages from low-power transmitters (p 21)
New Archival PopUp PTT Version of the Microwave Telemetry PTT100 for Tracking Fish (p 23)
Smart Position-Only Transmitting (SPOT) Tag (p 23)