Argos Publications

20.10.2013 Presse CLS, a historic partner in the 40th Solitaire du Figaro event

CLS is one of the historic partners of the Solitaire. The company, the exclusive operator of the Argos system, was the first to provide the biggest races with tracking beacons.

02.07.2013 Forum South America

- Mapping the home range of Harpy Eagles in the Brazilian Amazon basin
- Spatial ecology: tracking vicuñas in the Chilean Altiplano
- Tracking sea turtles in Brazil
- Deepen hydrology knowledge in French Guyana
- Unveiling the mysteries of humpback whale movements and migration in the western south Atlantic Ocean
- New conservation tools for sharks in Patagonia

03.01.2013 Forum Indian Ocean

- Solving the mystery of sea turtle migration in the western Indian Ocean
- New insight into arabian sea OMZ using -Argo-oxygen data
- Studying whale sharks in the western Indian Ocean
- Sustainable management of tuna in north Indian Ocean
- The Argo program in the Indian Ocean

12.09.2012 Brochure Archival tag data processing and underwater geolocation services

31.05.2012 Forum Establishing, managing and evaluating marine protected areas with Argos

Identifying important bird areas (IBAS) with Argos
How seabird foraging grounds indicate priority areas for MPAS
Feathers and Argos transmitters
Migratory movements of sharks in the Galapagos marine reserve
Tracking loggerhead turtles

06.01.2012 Brochure Argos-3: Compact, light-weight, smart and easy, argos-3 technology is here !

05.01.2012 Forum Tracking pollution with Argos

In the aftermath of the Great Tsunami: Tracking the chaotic movement of marine debris
Oil and sea birds don’t mix: New technique for tracking Western Grebes
Argos data play a role in understanding the Great Garbage Patch
Argos tracks green tide off the Chinese coast
Benefits of Argos-3 for the data buoy community

06.09.2011 Brochure Argos-3: the new generation

06.09.2011 Brochure State-of-the-art processing for in situ data collection systems

06.09.2011 Brochure Argos general