Argos Publications

01.06.2009 Flash June 2009

- Second Argos-3 system now flying on NOAA-19
- Win an Argos transmitter & one year of service
- Notice: Argos ID numbers wil switch from 5 to 6 digits in 2010
- FAQ: How to access Argos location error estimation data?
- In brief:
- The Argos-3 integration advances
- Argosweb improvements

01.10.2008 Flash October 2008

- Better estimates of Argos location accuracy
- Enhancing global data
delivery times
- Processing system updates
- FAQ: How do I request observation
- In brief:
- Manufacturers unveil
integration plans for
Argos-3 PMT

01.07.2008 Flash July 2008

- Argos User Conference
- From messages to observations
- An international monitoring network
- FAQ: How can I export my ArgosServer (Telnet) results as a text file?
- In brief:
- Oceanology International
- The Kenwood PMT is here !

01.03.2008 Flash March 2008

- Congratulations Argo!
- Track & Loc...
- Optimizing Argos system performance
- FAQ: I use Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows Vista, and cannot open ArgosWeb with Internet Explorer 7.0.6. Why?
- In brief: New compression index - Manufacturers have fun with Argos-3! - The IABP will meet in Toulouse, France

01.09.2007 Flash September 2007

- Flexible data processing
- Raw data or physical values, it's your choice!
- What's new with the processing system?
- ArgosWeb: Introducing new capabilities... Satellite pass prediction and more!
- FAQ: I use Internet Explorer to access ArgosWeb and I have problems downloading files. My computer tells me ArgosWeb is not a trusted site. How can I fix this problem?
- In brief: Share your data with the meteorological community! - New User's Manual - NOAA-12 decommissioned

01.02.2007 Flash February 2007

- Easier data access and better data management
- ArgosMonitor: Monitor the status of your platforms, their positions and the data they collect. Be informed of any changes.
- The Argos-3 test program is underway!
- FAQ: What browser should I use to access ArgosWeb? How can I export my Argos locations to Google Earth?
- In brief: Optimizing data processing - Characteristics of our new Argos processing system - Argos Client Satisfaction Survey

01.10.2006 Flash October 2006

- Easier data access and better data management
- ArgosWeb: Access your data via a secure website
- First PMTs ready for Argos-3 - CLS turns 20, happy birthday CLS!
- FAQ: Is ArgosWeb compatible with PC, Mac and Linux? How can I obtain a user name and password for the new website? I have a lot of Argos programs and lots of data. Will I be able to use ArgosWeb?
- In brief: Argos antennas upgraded to receive MetOp - Network of orbitography platforms is being upgraded to calculate the Argos orbit - Operational qualifications for Argos-3 data processing

01.03.2006 Flash March 2006

- Easier data access and better data management
- ArgosShare: Automatically share your data with colleagues by program, platform, time interval or geographic areas
- Argos-3 on MetOp. Join our test program! - CLS AMERICA: Brand New ... with 20 Years of heritage
- FAQ: What's the impact of the maximum speed of my platform, which value should I give?
- In brief: How can I turn in any unusued ID numbers to avoid fees? - How can I add new ID numbers to an existing program?
- Monthly Data Bank

01.10.2005 Flash October 2005

- An easier data access and management
- ArgosDirect: your data directly at your desk
- NOAA-N (NOAA-18) the constellation grows
- FAQ: Does accuracy increase with the number of received messages?
- In brief: 2 new antennas - International Argos User Conference

01.06.2004 Flash June 2004

- Spreading Argos Frequency
- Increase Argos Location Accuracy with better altitude estimation
- Argos System Use Agreement (SUA) Renewals
- FAQ: What's the meaning of location classes?
- In brief: Ending an Argos Program - Unused ID Numbers, User Contact Information, Satellite NOAA-11 (H) Deactivated, New Subsidiary in Jakarta.