Argos Publications

01.12.2008 Forum New tools for operational oceanography

Moored Buoy networks: the key to understanding the tropical oceans (p 4)
ARGO: a global ocean observing system for climate research and operational oceanography (p 6)
Developing a small drifting buoy system with sea surface CO2 sensor (p 8)
Projects: Integration of the Argos-3 PMT into an SVP drifter: opportunities and challenges (p 10)
News: Getting started on the Argos-3 pilot projects (p 11)

01.06.2008 Forum Protecting biodiversity

Conserving Canada lynx with satellite telemetry (p 4)
Protecting the Greater flamingo in Tanzania and Kenya (p 6)
Tracking bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean Sea (p 8)
Projects: The FAO wildlife disease program (p 10)
News: Enhancing tracking capabilities with Argos (p 11)

01.11.2007 Forum Understanding the Poles

The International Arctic Buoy Program (IABP) (p 4)
The Wanderings of White Bears (p 6)
An automatic weather station on the roof of Antarctica (p 10)
Marine Mammals Exploring the Oceans from Pole to Pole (p 14)
Ice Mass Balance Buoy (p 18)
Projects: DAMOCLES (p 22)
News: Argos-3: The PMT is here! (p 23)

01.03.2007 Forum Observing the climate

Integrated Earth observation systems... From idea to reality (p 4)
Where Argos & GEOSS intersect (p 5)
Integrated global Earth observations aid climate understanding (p 6)
Advancing the global ocean observing system for climate (p 8)
Ocean Valley: India's eye on the Indian Ocean (p 10)
JCOMMOPS: Helping meteorologists and
oceanographers worldwide...(p 12)
Argo: Taking the pulse of the ocean (p 14)
The extraordinary life of an ordinary Argo float (p 18)
Celebrating 20 years of drifter data in the Mediterranean and Black Seas (p 22)
Projects: Argos-3 (p 26)
News: Beyond Argos-3 (p 27)

01.09.2006 Forum Protecting wildlife

International flight of Asian buzzards (p 4)
Using satellite tracking to protect loggerhead sea turtles (p 8)
A tracking program for effective wildlife management (p 12)
Projects: A few hints on using Argos in Europe (p 16)
Projects: Tracking large pelagic species (p 17)
News: ArgosWeb (p 18)
News: Innovative tags (p 19)

01.01.2006 Forum Vital resources

Self-Locating Datum Marker Buoy (SLDMB) (p 4)
Water resources and experiments towards efficient water level monitoring (p 8)
Water resources and humanitarian applications (p 14)
Projects: VR3-Argos Pelagic monitoring (p 18)
Projects: Receiver Deployed in FADIO Project (p 18)
News: ArgoNautica: Argos and Education (p 19)
News: Argos Web (p 19)

01.10.2004 Forum News from the deep

The Argo Project: 21st century in situ Ocean Observing System (p 4)
Predator and "Oceanographer", Elephant Seals
in the Southern Ocean (p 8)
"Signals of Spring" Brings ARGOS Data to Kids (p 14)
Projects: New Sirtrack KiwiSat 202 PTT (p 18)
Projects: Argonautica: educative project (p 18)
News: Argos Data on-line, Data access via the web (p 19)
News: CLS announces the opening of a new office in Indonesia (p 19)

01.07.2003 Forum New persprectives

Argos School Feeding monitoring System (p 4)
Minimizing Highway Wildlife-Vehicle Collisions (p. 8)
Animals as oceanographic samplers (p. 13)
Project: OPSCOM participate in a stork fitting(p 18)
News: The New Argos Two-Way Platform (p. 19)

01.11.2002 Forum Oceans observations

Studying the global ocean circulation with profiling floats (p 5)
MINOS an automatic ministation for voluntary ships (p 9)
Black Sea Drifting Buoy : results ans perspective (p 12)
Project : "Smart Buoy" projet (p 18)
News : Development of a GPS-Argos PTT for marine animal tracking (p 19)

01.09.2001 Forum special wildlife programs

Argos User Interface (p 3)
Satellite tracking of Green Sea Turtles in the Gulf of Mexico (p 5)
Satellite tracking of the Steller's Sea Eagle in Russian Far East (p 9)
The Mongolian Saker Falcon: migratory, nomadic or sedentary? (p 11)
North Star Science and Technology, LLC OffersSmall, Aerodynamic PTTs for Birds and New Collar Designs (p 13)
Microwave Telemetry's PTTs in Europe: Argos 2 and SiVTM. 8 gram Solar Powered PTT-100. New Version of the Archival Pop-Up Tag for Fis (p 15)