Argos Publications

22.08.2017 Flash August 2017

  • CNES invests in new Argos constellation…
  • Bright future for Argos
  • New! Argos goniometer video
  • A successful Argos Asian Wildlife Tracking Workshop
  • Argos manufacturer’s meeting, Woods Hole, MA
ArgosFlash 34

22.08.2017 Flash April 2017

  • Data security with Argos
  • The new ArgosWeb portal replaces the old on May 2, 2017
  • Please help us improve ArgosWeb!
  • How to color-code your trajectories …
  • Amazing applications of the Argos goniometer
  • 2nd Argos Asian Wildlife Tracking Workshop…
ArgosFlash 33

22.08.2017 Flash December 2016

  • Free archived data available on ArgosWeb!
  • New JTA tariff policy
  • How may I access my Argos data?
  • …and more
ArgosFlash for web

14.08.2017 Flash September 2016

New Argosweb is here: Try it out!

 The new Argosweb is here!

Argosweb support tools

Australia/New Zealand Argos user’s workshop 

14.08.2017 Flash September 2016

Enrich animal tracks with contextual data (weather, ocean currents…)

Combine Argos tracks with map background of your choice

Track & Loc Service

EO4 Wildlife: Copernicus and Argos “big data” platform

ArgosFlash #30

14.08.2017 Flash May 2016

New 3D service! Combine Argos tracks with map background of your choice

New Argos antenna in French Guiana

Building the Argos community in the Middle East and in France

14.08.2017 Flash March 2016

Find lost platforms with the Argos goniometer

Building the Argos Wildlife Tracking Community in South America

Building the Argos Wildlife Tracking community in Asia

14.10.2015 Flash October 2015

The Argos chipset : a game-changer for satellite tracking applications
Don’t pay for unused ID numbers
Find all active Argos platforms in the field using the CLS goniometer
New argos antenna on Easter Island!
New look for ArgosWeb!
In which cases are Argos location classes overestimated?
49th meeting of the Argos Operations Committee

20.01.2015 Flash January 2015

Argos real-time antenna network continues to grow
A new look for the Argos website
Improving the Argos system for low power transmitters
Why would I have two different Argos location values for the same satellite pass, based on the time at which I download my data?
IUCAWA: Highlighting the remarkable research performed by biologists with Argos
DBCP /JTA, October 27-November 5, Weihai, China

30.06.2014 Flash June 2014

- Continuous improvements in Argos data distribution
- CLS View: a new android application to display all CLS tracking data
- Improving Argos locations with a new digital elevation model
- NOAA-16 satellite decommissioned
- FAQ : How can I avoid being billed for unused ID numbers?
- Peer-reviewed article on Argos Kalman-filter processing now published