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The satellite-based Internet of things (IoT) will be accessible everywhere, for a sustainable planet.

02.12.2015 Presse Communiqué : COP21 et Argos: l'espace nous révèle la fragilité de notre biodiversité

Argos system helps understand and protect biodiversity: 100, 000 animals tracked for 30 years by satellite

17.11.2014 Presse IUCAWA 2014 National Aquarium program

Programme de la conférence internationale des utilisateurs Argos 2014 (version anglaise)

17.11.2014 Presse Communiqué de presse IUCAWA 2014

Wallace J. Nichols, Dee Boersma, Gerardo Ceballos, Barbara Block, Randall Wells, George Durner…What do these super-star scientists have in common?

20.10.2014 Presse FARIO, Le lynx du Jura

A young lynx was openly roaming round and was in distress in a Jura village. The Athenas Centre, the only French institution specialising in lynx, turned up and with the help of the ONCFS captured the animal, which had clearly been separated from its mother. Fario was injured and very malnourished.

22.09.2014 Presse Première : des aigles bottés suivis grâce aux balises ARGOS

The booted eagle is Europe's smallest species of eagle. it is distributed over a narrow band from North Africa to Lake Baikal with about 17,000 couples worldwide.

20.10.2013 Presse CLS, partenaire historique de la 40e Solitaire du Figaro

CLS is one of the historic partners of the Solitaire. The company, the exclusive operator of the Argos system, was the first to provide the biggest races with tracking beacons.

20.10.2010 Presse The most unlikely creature tracked by ARGOS: a giant jellyfish in the Sea of Japan

In the search for solutions for peaceful coexistence between fishermen and the jellyfish, Noato Honda has been conducting a scientific study of this gelatinous species with the help of Argos

22.10.2007 Presse CLS suit par satellites les oiseaux sauvages vecteurs potentiels du virus H5N1

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