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ARGOS ANGELS & NEO: CNES invests in a new nanosat Argos constellation

Aug 3, 2017

Argos is the only global satellite-based system for location and data collection designed specifically to study and protect our planet’s environment. Governed via an international collaboration between the major international space agencies, including NASA, NOAA, CNES, EUMETSAT and ISRO, the Argos constellation includes 6 operational satellites that cover the globe in near-real time, providing satellite telemetry services to over 22,000 active user platforms (PTT) every month.


Argos future constellation

The Argos constellation’s future is secure until at least 2040, with Argos DCS instruments built by CNES scheduled to be onboard the Metop Second Generation satellites (starting in 2023). In addition, CNES is launching an innovative new project,  Argos ANGELS (Argos NEO Generic Economic Light Satellites), involving the development of a new miniaturized Argos instrument, Argos NEO, developed by Thales Alenia Space in collaboration with Syrlinks, that will fly on board a miniaturized platform, the first French nanosat, built by Nexeya in collaboration with CNES.

The Argos ANGELS satellite is planned to launch in 2019 and will serve as a prototype for a new Argos constellation, mixing satellite telemetry and space-borne IoT, starting in 2023.

Learn more about Argos NEO, the Argos nanosat project, in Sat News Daily.


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