Become a user

Consult colorful and marine maps, access to the most recent data, download refine search and export tables on excel files, choose to display all messages receives on satellite pass… and more fonctionnalities.

Start a program in 5 steps

1. Please download and fill out the following forms :

2. Send them by e-mail to CLS (see CLS contacts on SUA form)

3. The Argos Operations Committee will check that your program is compatible with the environmental mission of the Argos system. After acceptation of your request, we will send you a Purchase Order (equivalent to argos services contracts)

4. Sign and return your purchase order to us and your display software

5. You will receive :

  • Your program and platform numbers
  • Passwords for consulting your results on line
  • A form for you to specify the type of data processing you require :

Need help to choose your platform ?

CLS can help you choose a platform manufacturer based on your specific application and geographic zone. For more information, please feel free to complete this form or send us an email describing your application and your deployment zone to One of our CLS members will respond quickly.

Read more about Argos PTTs

How you would like to receive results ?

There are several ways to access your data. Discover them !

Read more about how to access your satellite data

Post your data to an online data portal


Why must I fill out an SUA form ?

Argos is a location and data collection system designed for studying and protecting the environment. Use of the Argos system is subject to approval from the Operations Committee made up of representatives from the:

SUA form : System user Agreement

The objective of an Argos program must comply with the rules of use defined by the Operations Committee as referred to in the SUA.

To open an Argos program simply fill out an SUA and send it duly signed to the CLS regional correspondent (office or branch)or, for North American users, to CLS America, who will submit it to the Operations Committee for approval.

Once the SUA is approved by the Operations Committee, the corresponding Argos program can be opened.

This agreement has a time limit and must be renewed periodically as specified in Article 4 of the SUA form.

ID Number request form

All SUA forms must be accompanied by an ID number request form. This form is also used to request any extra ID numbers.

Platform characteristics and the required message processing are also specified on this form.

Platform messages are processed and decoded in compliance with the information supplied for declaration in the system. For standard platforms, models predefined in cooperation with manufacturers are applied. Users encountering any difficulty in filling out this form may contact the platform manufacturer and obtain the information required for processing.

For a non-standard platform model (generating specific messages requiring an interpretation method unknown to CLS),the user must ask the manufacturer to contact User Services to provide the definition of the associated processing.

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