Argos Publications

01.10.2008 Flash October 2008

- Better estimates of Argos location accuracy
- Enhancing global data
delivery times
- Processing system updates
- FAQ: How do I request observation
- In brief:
- Manufacturers unveil
integration plans for
Argos-3 PMT

01.07.2008 Flash July 2008

- Argos User Conference
- From messages to observations
- An international monitoring network
- FAQ: How can I export my ArgosServer (Telnet) results as a text file?
- In brief:
- Oceanology International
- The Kenwood PMT is here !

01.06.2008 Forum Protecting biodiversity

Conserving Canada lynx with satellite telemetry (p 4)
Protecting the Greater flamingo in Tanzania and Kenya (p 6)
Tracking bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean Sea (p 8)
Projects: The FAO wildlife disease program (p 10)
News: Enhancing tracking capabilities with Argos (p 11)

01.03.2008 Flash March 2008

- Congratulations Argo!
- Track & Loc...
- Optimizing Argos system performance
- FAQ: I use Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows Vista, and cannot open ArgosWeb with Internet Explorer 7.0.6. Why?
- In brief: New compression index - Manufacturers have fun with Argos-3! - The IABP will meet in Toulouse, France

01.11.2007 Forum Understanding the Poles

The International Arctic Buoy Program (IABP) (p 4)
The Wanderings of White Bears (p 6)
An automatic weather station on the roof of Antarctica (p 10)
Marine Mammals Exploring the Oceans from Pole to Pole (p 14)
Ice Mass Balance Buoy (p 18)
Projects: DAMOCLES (p 22)
News: Argos-3: The PMT is here! (p 23)

22.10.2007 Presse CLS suit par satellites les oiseaux sauvages vecteurs potentiels du virus H5N1 (French)

Press releases (in french)

01.09.2007 Flash September 2007

- Flexible data processing
- Raw data or physical values, it's your choice!
- What's new with the processing system?
- ArgosWeb: Introducing new capabilities... Satellite pass prediction and more!
- FAQ: I use Internet Explorer to access ArgosWeb and I have problems downloading files. My computer tells me ArgosWeb is not a trusted site. How can I fix this problem?
- In brief: Share your data with the meteorological community! - New User's Manual - NOAA-12 decommissioned

01.03.2007 Forum Observing the climate

Integrated Earth observation systems... From idea to reality (p 4)
Where Argos & GEOSS intersect (p 5)
Integrated global Earth observations aid climate understanding (p 6)
Advancing the global ocean observing system for climate (p 8)
Ocean Valley: India's eye on the Indian Ocean (p 10)
JCOMMOPS: Helping meteorologists and
oceanographers worldwide...(p 12)
Argo: Taking the pulse of the ocean (p 14)
The extraordinary life of an ordinary Argo float (p 18)
Celebrating 20 years of drifter data in the Mediterranean and Black Seas (p 22)
Projects: Argos-3 (p 26)
News: Beyond Argos-3 (p 27)

01.02.2007 Flash February 2007

- Easier data access and better data management
- ArgosMonitor: Monitor the status of your platforms, their positions and the data they collect. Be informed of any changes.
- The Argos-3 test program is underway!
- FAQ: What browser should I use to access ArgosWeb? How can I export my Argos locations to Google Earth?
- In brief: Optimizing data processing - Characteristics of our new Argos processing system - Argos Client Satisfaction Survey

01.10.2006 Flash October 2006

- Easier data access and better data management
- ArgosWeb: Access your data via a secure website
- First PMTs ready for Argos-3 - CLS turns 20, happy birthday CLS!
- FAQ: Is ArgosWeb compatible with PC, Mac and Linux? How can I obtain a user name and password for the new website? I have a lot of Argos programs and lots of data. Will I be able to use ArgosWeb?
- In brief: Argos antennas upgraded to receive MetOp - Network of orbitography platforms is being upgraded to calculate the Argos orbit - Operational qualifications for Argos-3 data processing