Argos Publications

01.09.2010 Flash September 2010

- Special Edition: Argos location at its best!
- Oceanographers or biologists, satellite tracking just got better!
- More positions, more accuracy…
- FAQ: How will the new processing change my data?
- Focus: How it works: A positioning algorithm based on Kalman filters

01.06.2010 Forum Argos Guinness Book

Max, the bird tracked for the longest period
The elephant, the largest land animal ever tracked by satellite
The most unlikely creature tracked by Argos: a giant jellyfish
Antarctic Mission - record for the lowest temperature
Absolute record for drifting buoy lifetime
Distance record for boundary layer pressurized balloons
A new generation of ARVOR floats with ARGOS-3 capability
New ARGOS location algorithm: better accuracy

01.05.2010 Flash May 2010

- The Argos-3 system: Still functioning 100%
- A new way of distributing Argos data
- Your SUA and ID number request forms online
- FAQ: Choosing an optimal transmission period ...
- In brief:
- New location algorithms based on Doppler Effect

01.02.2010 Flash February 2010

- Switch to 6 digits: start testing your compatibility now
- Sea turtle research
- The latest news on Argos-3
- FAQ: Can I share my data in ArgosWeb?
- In brief:
- What's new on ArgosWeb?

01.02.2010 Forum 30 years of oceanography with Argos

JCOMMOPS and Argos: 30 years of close cooperation (p 4)
Satellite-derived motion analysis using Argos ice buoys (p 6)
A short history of the surface velocity program drifter (SVP) (p 8)
JAMSTEC's m-TRITON: high-speed data transmission (p 10)
News: Exciting results for the ARGOS-3 DBCP pilot project (p 11)

20.10.2009 Presse Eels viewed from space

Pollution, habitat degradation, global warming and overfishing. These are the threats to the eel and especially the European variety now protected in many countries of the European Union.

01.10.2009 Forum 30 years of wildlife tracking with Argos

Satellite tracking and avian conservation in Asia (p 4)
Tracking marine mammals over the seas and under the waves (p 6)
Tracking Canada's caribou with Argos (p 8)
Happy thirtieth birthday Argos! (p 10)
News: Enhancing underwater geolocation with Track & Loc: a service dedicated to archival tag data processing (p 11)
Poster (p 1, p 2)

01.09.2009 Flash September 2009

- Exciting results for the Argos-3 pilot projects!
- New MBM-GPS service: a new service for monitoring your platforms
- FAQ: Is my Argos data processing software compatible with 6-digit ID numbers?
- In brief:
- Argos celebrates its 30th birthday
- New web service for Argos

01.06.2009 Flash June 2009

- Second Argos-3 system now flying on NOAA-19
- Win an Argos transmitter & one year of service
- Notice: Argos ID numbers wil switch from 5 to 6 digits in 2010
- FAQ: How to access Argos location error estimation data?
- In brief:
- The Argos-3 integration advances
- Argosweb improvements

01.12.2008 Forum New tools for operational oceanography

Moored Buoy networks: the key to understanding the tropical oceans (p 4)
ARGO: a global ocean observing system for climate research and operational oceanography (p 6)
Developing a small drifting buoy system with sea surface CO2 sensor (p 8)
Projects: Integration of the Argos-3 PMT into an SVP drifter: opportunities and challenges (p 10)
News: Getting started on the Argos-3 pilot projects (p 11)