Argos 3D tracking

Argos 3D tracking

Use our 3D tracking interface to add a new, environmental dimension to your Argos animal tracks!

A new tool for 3D visualization

Argos 3D Tracking Application is a graphic visualization software which displays ARGOS animal tracking data with the map background of your choice.

Main features:

  • This 3D navigation software will allow you to view tracks.
  • Import ARGOS data directly from the ARGOS web service online.
  • Import ARGOS data from a CSV file stored in your computer.
  • Manage tracks and animate paths.
  • You can also connect to any given Web Map Service (WMS) server and display WMS data (map images from distributed geospatial databases).

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How it works

  • Input capabilities: Query Argos online Webservices with the  SOAP protocol (authentification) Work offline (load data from ARGOS CSV format) – Choose a WMS server and display the map.
  • Output capabilities: Export animal tracks in KML format

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  • Plot and compare animal tracks
– Time filtering
– Display path statistics
– Distance measure tool
– Display positionning error ellipsoids
  • Animate the animal path
– Animation settings (speed, camera auto focus)
– Display elevation profile on every position
– Animation controls  (play, pause, stop, repeat)
  • Add WMS layers
– Select multiple public WMS servers and list their layers
– Add multiple WMS layers
– Select layer opacity