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05.11.2020 Argos news & events

Challenge: Make SPACE for a Sustainable Planet

This challenge is powered by CLS and its subsidiary Kinéis.


Earth rise from MoonWant to make a difference?

Do you want to help the planet? Or at least contribute to it?

Want to innovate usefully, to be an active member of the next world?

Want to use new technologies and NewSpace to make Earth a sustainable planet?


Do you like a challenge?

Then the “Environment and Climate” challenge proposed by CLS and Kinéis,
provider of ARGOS environmental data & services and Kinéis, operator of the ARGOS system is for you!

Within the framework of this challenge, CLS and Kinéis, give you access to a brand new spatial, near real-time, global, bi-directional, low power consumption connectivity using low-cost transceivers.

To take up this challenge, you just need to submit your project of innovation integrating Argos connectivity to the CLS/Kinéis committee.

Your application must be submitted. It must address an environmental or climate issue, be innovative, and lead to a new  concept (see more details below in “some rules” section).



plastic pollution


Submit your proposal for this challenge

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What’s the prize of this Kinéis challenge?

Kinéis space priority program kit & Arribada developpers kitThe winner will be awarded with:

  • A complete free development Kit (selected at your convenience)
  • 1 year of free Airtime
  • CLS & Kinéis free Support for integration
  • CLS & Kinéis “Laureate” visibility at an international level.



We are here to help

CLS Datalab teamFor more information, do not hesitate to contact our “Challenge” Team.

Contact our team


Some rules for this Kinéis challenge

Who can participate?

  • Academics and scientists;
  • Institutions;
  • Companies of all sizes;
  • Individual project holder;
  • A single project leader who answers but the project may involve several potential partners.


Which projects will be valued?

Projects addressing these topics will receive our special attention:

  • Water, air and soil quality monitoring;
  • Pollution detection / Waste monitoring and follow-up;
  • Monitoring and management of biodiversity and natural areas.


Technical specifications on the use of Argos connectivity:

  • Data volume = A few kB per day;
  • Positioning of objects in visibility of the sky.


About us

CLS: Collecte Localisation Satellites

CLS is a global company and pioneer provider of monitoring and surveillance solutions for the Earth, created in 1986. CLS is a subsidiary of the French Space Agency (CNES) and CNP, an investment firm. Its mission is to create innovative space-based solutions to understand and protect our planet and to manage its resources sustainably. CLS employs 750 people at its headquarters in Toulouse (France) and in 28 other sites around the world. The company works in five strategic fields: sustainable fisheries management, environmental monitoring, maritime surveillance, fleet management, and energy & mining. CLS processes data from 100,000 transponders per month (such as drifting buoys, animal tags, VMS transponders, & LRIT tracking) and observes the oceans and inland waters (more than 20 instruments onboard satellites daily deliver information to CLS on the world’s seas and oceans). In addition, CLS monitors land and sea activities by satellite (nearly 10,000 radar images and several hundred drone flights are processed each year). Committed to a sustainable planet, CLS works every day for the Earth, from Space.


kinéis logoKinéis

Founded in 2019, Kinéis is a satellite operator and a global connectivity provider. It inherited CNES and CLS expertise from forty years of working with the Argos system and developed reliable technology that provides easy access to useful satellite data. In order to make life easier for professionals and individuals and to encourage them to use its product and services, Kinéis locates and connects objects wherever they are on the planet. It does this by deploying its full capacity for technological innovation to combine NewSpace and IoT.