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CLS services for MPA

14.08.2017 Brochure CLS services for Marine Protected Areas

As exclusive operator of the Argos satellite system, CLS has worked hand-in-hand with scientists, governments and international organizations to protect and conserve marine ecosystems/biodiversity via wildlife tracking and monitoring projects. CLS has also worked actively with fishermen and fisheries administrations to develop and implement Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS) & catch reporting solutions to monitor and control fisheries and manage them sustainably. From the implementation phase, to daily management, monitoring, and long-term evaluation, CLS’s interdisciplinary expertise can be mobilized in support of Marine Protected Areas.

Argos future gnerations


The satellite-based Internet of things (IoT) will be accessible everywhere, for a sustainable planet.

Hawksbill turtle with Argos tag

28.06.2017 Forum Argos, Serving Marine Protected Areas

  • Juvenile sea turtles and Marine Protected Areas in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Using Argos to track sharks in the Malpelo sanctuary
  • Learning more about basking sharks with Argos
  • Penguins show the way for marine spatial planning
  • The extraordinary migration of the Hudsonian godwit
  • Projects: Understanding sea turtles in Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park
  • News: Introducing a new data portal merging Earth Observation & wildlife tracking data!
  • Fun facts about Argos in Marine Protected Areas

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Online data portals

20.06.2017 Brochure Online portals for animal tracking data

This document provides an updated list of online web portals to display, manage, analyze and share your Argos Satellite data.

endangered biodiversity argos system

16.12.2016 Forum Argos, protecting endangered species

  • Caspian seal ecology and conservation
  • Using Argos to identify key marine areas for conservation of endangered green turtles
  • A conservation success story: The whooping crane
  • New Argos chipset will revolutionize animal tracking
  • Introducing the new Argosweb interface—a better way to access your data!

23.09.2016 Brochure ArgosWeb User Manual

The User Manual for the new ArgosWeb interface.

23.09.2016 Brochure ArgosWeb Quick Start Guide

Quick and easy introduction to the new ArgosWeb interface.

reporcessing data

16.09.2016 Brochure Optimize your Argos tracks

CLS provides a number of value-added services to enrich your Argos tracks. Reprocess your Argos data (from 2008 to present) using our multiple-model smoothing technique or enhance your trajectories with weather and ocean data.

22.08.2016 Brochure Track & Loc

A service for archival tag data processing and underwater geolocation
Based on its Satellite Oceanography Expertise combined with its unique experience in Argos and tag data processing, CLS provides an enhanced underwater geolocation service that works for all pop-up and internal tags, regardless of the tag manufacturer or software.

28.06.2016 Argos User's Workshop - Australia

Join us for a User’s Workshop in Hobart, Tasmania.
Photo courtesy of Christine Groom.